Come meet us and learn more about MIRA! at our Open House/Soft Launch on September 11, 2020, 4:00pm.

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Join us also for MIRA! Partner and Advisor conversation on September 9. Share ideas for projects and collaborations.

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MIRA! is our emphatic call to action: Mobilize Innovation, Reimagine Agency!

We have a crisis of accountability. Big technology companies wield more unfettered power over vast numbers of people than most national governments. Too often, technology happens to us, rather than with us. We don’t have a vote. We don’t have any say.

We must correct this massive power imbalance by giving our communities the agency and fluency to engage with tech systems from the outset—as partners and as stakeholders. It’s a new approach to learning, research and advocacy around how technology is created and deployed. We then equitably exercise our newfound capacity within trusted spaces—where we can all collaborate in shaping our future.

MIRA! is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit (ein 84-3427418) charitable organisation, and donations to MIRA! are tax-deductible.

Contact us at with questions, with ideas for collaborations and projects, or to support our work.