Change accelerates in every corner of our world. Challenges proliferate in kind. Technology amplifies it all --- for better and for worse.

MIRA! Mobilizes communities and networks around an urgent need to harness Innovation in reflection of this transformative time, in service to us all.

Our creative and emergent technology initiative is a trusted convener that Re-imagines how we can learn and work with each other.

This fosters Agency as communities are included as equitable stakeholders in these new solutions.

That is M(obilize)I(nnovation)R(e-imagine)A(gency)!

MIRA! is how we lead, learn, create, and connect during this intense transformative time --- and build the future we want.


As common stakeholders in this endeavor, we deploy thoughtful collaboration across a variety of sectors and skillsets. This recalibrates how we solve problems together --- developing and adopting technology when necessary and appropriate.

To accomplish this effectively and fairly, we must collectively learn and experiment. By doing so, we can create a more universally-accessible ecosystem to ideate, research, design, and deploy our emergent solutions.

Success leads to a redistribution of power that benefits all of us, even as it sparks our ability to meet each of our communities' unique needs.

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