Values, Principles, Commitments


We strive for processes, actions and models that foster sharing power and ownership, especially with previously excluded populations. Our work is participative. It accentuates and prioritizes community voices. Our work product will be community-owned and made as widely available whenever possible.


We create an environment that inspires everybody to contribute to the peak of their abilities --- with fluency and confidence. It provides lifelong learning opportunities that are both experiential and interdisciplinary. We catalyze community-driven, messy convenings that include experts and non-experts. Each brings a diversity of skills, experiences, expertise, and cultural context. Ultimately, the best responses emerge from unexpected collisions among people and their ideas.


We strive to consider a multiplicity of projects emphasizing and prioritizing those that are focused, energizing, transformative and winnable in service of MIRA!'s mission.


We look at challenges --- and solutions --- through the lens of humanity. We design and create those solutions with all our stakeholders, while accounting for the implications and impact of our work. We believe that true innovation must break down inequity in both process and result. So as we mobilize these collaborations, we insist on ethical leadership that is always mindful of inclusion, access, and equity.


We embed a culture of creative experimentation and play in our endeavours. This builds trust and confidence leading to joyful learning and transformative change.


Relationships really matter. We cultivate connections across and within our communities, building deep, resilient networks across sectors, disciplines, regions, and communities.


Truth and independence are paramount to our role as trusted host. In this way, we can support a diversity of organizations and actors -- authoritatively and credibly.

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